Special Consideration is an action taken after the assessment to allow candidates who have been disadvantaged by temporary illness, injury, indisposition or adverse circumstances at the time of the assessment to demonstrate attainment. Special consideration will not give unfair advantage over candidates for whom special consideration is not being applied, or alter the assessment demands of the qualification.


Candidates can be eligible for Special considerations under the following circumstances:

  1. Performance in an assessment is affected by circumstances beyond the control of the candidate, including recent personal illness, accident, bereavement or examination room conditions
  2. Alternative assessment arrangements which were agreed in advance of the assessment proved to be inadequate or inappropriate
  3. The application of special consideration would not mislead the user of the certificate as to the candidate´s attainment.
  4. WSET does not award aegrotat certificates in the case that the candidate was too ill to take the exam.  All assessment requirements of a WSET qualification must be met.

Procedure for applying for Special Considerations:

  1. Students who wish to apply for Special Consideration must send an email to kurs@oslowineschool.no marking “SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS REQUEST” in the heading of the email and provide independent documentation to support the request within 3 working days following the actual examination date.
  2. The request will then be forwarded to WSET Awards for assessment using the Special Considerations Application From within 7 working days.  As soon as a reply has been received from WSET Awards, the candidate will be informed of the outcome.
  3. In the case of serious disruption during the examination, the Examination Officer in Oslo Wine School will immediately send a detailed report of the circumstances and candidates affected to WSET Awards together with the completed examination papers.

Data Protection: any sensitive personal data collected to support requests for Special Considerations during assessments and examinations and will be sent to WSET Awards.  All information will be treated as strictly confidential. For further information, please read our Data Protection Policy.