A reasonable adjustment is defined as any action that helps reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places the candidate at a substantial disadvantage in the assessment situation.  Actions include allowing extra time to complete an assessment activity, providing large text materials, a language interpreter or reader, or re-organising the room to adapt to any disabilities.  The use of reasonable adjustment is not taken into account during the assessment of a candidate´s actual work.


The Reasonable Adjustments Policy can be applied to all candidates who can provide supporting evidence of any special education needs or disabilities.

Procedure for application for Reasonable Adjustments consideration:

  1. When enrolling on a WSET course with Oslo Wine School, any candidate who wishes to apply for Reasonable Adjustments must indicate their interest by email when they send in their course enrolment booking form to
  2. On receival of the booking form, within 3 working days, Oslo Wine School will send the official Reasonable Adjustments Application Form to the candidate for completion.  The application form must be returned completed to Oslo Wine School minimum 8 weeks prior to the examination date. Note: late submission of the Reasonable Adjustments Application Form may result in rejection of the request.
  3. On receival of the Reasonable Adjustments Form, Oslo Wine School will immediately send the application form to WSET Awards Assessment Manager. As soon as a reply has been received, the candidate will be informed of the outcome.
  4. Data Protection: sensitive personal data related to health will be collected to support requests for Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations during assessments and examinations and will be sent to WSET Awards.  All information will be treated as strictly confidential. For further information, please read our Data Protection Policy.