Oslo Wine School has been developed as part of Wine Source AS and aims to provide a consistently high level of service for its students. Whilst great care is taken to maintain our high standards, occasionally we may fall short.  Oslo Wine School is committed to listening and responding to any complaints made by students with the aim to improve our services and prevent recurrent problems.

Oslo Wine School aims to provide a supportive environment in which students can feel confident in the knowledge that their feedback both positive and negative will be listened to and acknowledged and that we will make an appropriate response to resolve any problems. Dissatisfaction may be associated with the service provided, or the way an individual perceives they have been treated by Oslo Wine School member of staff or representative which may or may not be justified or associated with professional misconduct.

Making a complaint:

  1. Students who wish to make an informal suggestion or small complaint in connections with our services are welcome to contact us directly by calling our office +47 95405092 or send an email to kurs@oslowineschool.no so that we can discuss further and quickly solve any issues.
  2. For more serious matters and complaints related to standard of service, actions or lack of action taken by Oslo Wine School as a WSET course provider, conduct of a member of its staff, representative or WSET student, the following action is required:
    1. Address an email to kurs@oslowineschool.no with the heading “COMPLAINT”
    1. Provide full name, address and contact information
    1. Fully outline the nature of the complaint and include any supporting documents
    1. Give details of any previous attempts to resolve the problem (if applicable)
  3. Any students who have concerns about the complaints procedure or processing time can at any time contact Jane Nisbet Huseby, General Manager of Oslo Wine School and Wine Source AS  by email jhuseby@winesource.no

Response time:

All written complaints will be acknowledged by email – within 3 working days.  A response to the complaint will be sent within 10 working days.  Oslo Wine School will do everything possible to review the complaint with the aim to resolve the situation quickly taking corrective action locally.

Complaints related to WSET Award´s decisions:

If the nature of the complaint is related to the WSET Award´s decisions and cannot be resolved locally, Oslo Wine School will contact WSET Awards in London to discuss the cause of dissatisfaction with the aim to resolve the situation quickly.

  • If the situation is still not resolved, Oslo Wine School will forward in writing the full complaint.  WSET Awards has a policy of responding within 20 days of receiving a complaint.
  • If the complaint is still not resolved, the complaint will be forwarded in writing to be reviewed by the Awards Management Team which has a policy of responding within 30 days of receiving a complaint.
  • If the complaint has not been resolved by the Awards Management Team, a written complaint will be sent to the Centres Co-ordination and Quality Assurance Manager which has a policy of responding within 20 days.
  • In the event that the complaint has not been resolved by the Centres Co-ordination and Quality Assurance Manager, a written complaint will be sent to the Director of Awards and the complaint will be reviewed by the CEO of WSET with a response time of 40 days.

Equality of access, treatment and confidentiality:

Oslo Wine School would like to emphasise that the act of filing a complaint will in no way prejudice the complainant or student, and that confidentiality will be guaranteed unless the student waivers this right.  However, students must be aware that while Oslo Wine School and WSET Awards will not divulge their name, the circumstances of the complaint could potentially make them identifiable to other parties involved in the investigation.