Crémant is often a very good alternative to Champagne, especially if you still want the feel of a traditional method sparkling with fine bubbles and some biscuit aromas.

There are eight geographical appellations in France that can use the name Crémant including the most well-known ones – Crémant de Bourgogne, de Alsace, de Loire and de Limoux.  In total there are more than 500 producers in France that make Crémant in France.  What makes this category special is that each region uses their own locally approved grapes which gives a slightly different twist to each origin.

What is traditional method or “Méthode Traditionelle”?

Famous traditional method wines include Champagne, English Sparkling, Cava, Franciacorta (Italy) and Cap Classique (South Africa).  Traditional method sparkling wines all go through a second fermentation in the bottle.  What this means is that the producer makes first a still white wine, then a little extra yeast and sugar-rich liquid is added to the bottle, after which the bottle is closed with a crown cap (same as used on beers).  The wine then goes through a mini-fermentation again during which time the all important bubbles are created.  The yeast cells that ate up all the sugar die at this point, and during an extended period these dead yeast cells (known as lees) break down into various compounds and create new compounds continually in a process referred to autolysis.  It´s the length of time that the wine is in contact with these dead yeasts cells that determines how much biscuity aroma will be in the wine.  Different sparkling wines have different ageing rules regarding the minimum time the wine should spend on the lees. 


About Cremant de Loire

Can be made from 7 different grape varieties including 3 white and 4 red grapes.  These traditional method sparkling wines are best drunk usually within the first 2 – 4 years of release to the market. 

Crémant normally has a minimum of 9 months of lees ageing, however many higher quality ones may have 14 or 16 months of ageing on lees prior to disgorgement  – which involves removing the lees from the bottle and inserting the cork and cage dressing commonly seen on sparkling wines.


Crémant de Loire “Préférence”, Domaine du Landreau, Loire

VMP: 12628301  Bestillingsutvalget

Price: 190,30 kr

Pale lemon colour.  Very fresh aromas of lemon balm, crispy green and red apples, biscuit.  On the palate lashings of crisp and refreshing acidity, fine mousse, quite a light body with elegant green fruit and red apple on the finish.  Very well balanced.  Brut style but very dry (7.6 g/l dosage)  Excellent as aperitif or with seafood starters.

Very good value at 190 kr. Drink now whilst young and fresh.

Score 90 points.

A blend of 34% Chardonnay, 33% Chenin Blanc and 33% Cabernet Franc.  2015 Vintage

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